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Helping Our Own

Helping Our Own

It's often very difficult to ask for help, but occasionally a crisis arises that leaves us facing a financial emergency, requiring assistance beyond our own resources, and no other choice.

Helping Our Own, funded by employees of Saint Louis University for employees of Saint Louis University, was created to offer that assistance. This program provides a one-time monetary gift to any full-time or part-time permanent SLU employee experiencing a valid financial crisis. Eligibility for assistance requires at least one year of employment with the University.

Helping Our Own exemplifies the University mission in action — as we continue to build a community concerned for one another and committed to serving those in need.

How to Apply

Employees make their requests in writing, to be reviewed confidentially by a committee of employees.

An employee is asked to submit:

  • a letter explaining their need and the event or events which has led them to ask for assistance
  • a recent paycheck stub
  • a copy of the bill for which assistance is needed.

The employee should also include a phone number where he or she can be reached, since additional information may be needed.

How to Donate

We can donate one of two ways:

To donate or pledge online, use the SLU secure on-line giving form, at Online gifts may be one-time gifts or recurring gifts, with payment options of credit cards, checking or savings account transfers or payroll deduction.

Remember to select Helping Our Own as the gift designation. 

You can also complete and return the payroll deduction form

Your current or new payroll deduction can be made without renewal. Please mark on the online form the "Perpetual Payroll Deduction" box and eliminate the need to renew your gift annually. Your perpetual donation can be changed at any time. Also, it is important that you indicate whether you are paid monthly or bi-weekly.

If you are in need of help please contact Cathy Zimmer at or Jill Jones at

Helping Our Own, funded by employees of Saint Louis University for employees of Saint Louis University.

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