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SLU LAW Summations

The SLU LAW Summations podcast is a 15-20 minute dive into a diverse mix of legal topics. Each episode will explore a fresh legal matter with a member of the Saint Louis University School of Law faculty.

Host: Maria Tsikalas, Editor, School of Law Communications
Producer: Jessica Ciccone, Director of Communications
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Kerry Ryan

Episode 29: A Look into Municipal Court Reform

Brendan RoedigerIt has been five years since the death of Michael Brown exposed a plethora of injustices in the St. Louis region. Five years since the region’s municipal court system came under fire, an issue that was decades in the making. In this episode, we are joined by Professor Brendan Roediger. Brendan and his colleagues in the SLU LAW legal clinics first took steps toward municipal court reforms years before the nation’s eyes were on Ferguson. He is a professor in the SLU LAW Legal Clinics and director of the Litigation Clinic. He has joined us to talk about municipal courts and what progress has been made since August of 2014.

Episode 28: Internationalism and Sovereignty in Today's World

 Monica EppingerOver the past few years we have seen a push and pull across the glove and back here in the US between internationalists and those who believe in a more sovereign approach. The landscape continues to evolve and governments across the world are left grappling to catch up. In this episode we are joined by Professor Monica Eppinger. Monica is co-director of our Center for International and Comparative Law. The Center is co-hosting a symposium on March 29 on Internationalism and Sovereignty with the Saint Louis University Law Journal.

Episode 27: Racial and Gender Equity in Today’s Climate

Ruqaiijah YearbyWith the work of organizations like Forward through Ferguson, racial equity has come to the forefront of conversations on race in St. Louis. Much research is being done on how change can happen in the areas of racial and gender equity in health care, the workplace and our government. In this episode we are joined by one of our new faculty members, Professor Ruqaiijah Yearby. Ruqaiijah specializes in racial disparities in health care, the political economy of health care and social justice in medical research. She is also working at the University level to start a Center for Equity and an Institute for Healing Justice and Equity.

Episode 26: The Supreme Court Nomination Process - Lessons Learned

Greg Willlard - PodcastThe confirmation process for Justice Brett Kavanaugh captivated the country. The stakes were high and the drama even more so. And now our process is forever changed. But what got us here? And how will it look in the future? In this episode we are joined by adjunct professor Greg Willard. Greg served as White House Staff Assistant and personal aide to President Gerald R. Ford. He teaches a seminar on the American presidency and presidential power. 

Episode 25: Navigating the Breakthroughs in Healthcare Innovation

Ana Santos RutschmanNew technologies in healthcare are developed at a rapid pace with legal standards and the FDA often left playing catch up. From artificial intelligence to blockchain technology and nanorobots, regulating the industry can be an ever-changing challenge. In this episode, we are joined by one of the newest members of the SLU LAW faculty, Professor Ana Santos Rutschman. Ana is an expert in bio technology. She teaches and writes in the areas of health law, intellectual property, innovations in life sciences and law and technology.

Episode 24: A Deep Dive into the Trial of Governor Greitens

Anders WalkerThe trial of Missouri Governor Eric Greitens has captivated the local and nationwide media and general public. The case is complex and the trial of a public official in office is rare. The charges are unique and provide an interesting legal lesson. In this episode, we are joined by Anders Walker, the Lillie Myers professor of law and associate dean for research and engagement. Dean Walker is a criminal law expert who has been following the case since the indictment and is here to help us unpack the issues on trial.

Episode 23: Public Health in the Era of Alternative Facts

Rob GatterBroad shifts in U.S. policy have long affected population health in our country and beyond. As we face an era of alternative facts, distrust in research and isolationism, we experience a whole new set of questions. How do we create policies that keep us safe when we can’t agree on the facts? In this episode, we are joined by Professor Rob Gatter. Rob is the director of SLU LAW’s Center for Health Law Studies. The Center is hosting the 30th annual health symposium on April 6. Public Health Law in the Era of Alternative Facts, Isolationism, and the One Percent will be a full day symposium in Scott Hall discussing how broad shifts in U.S. policy affect population health.