Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Saint Louis University is concerned with the well-being of its staff members and their families and is aware that personal problems can influence job performance. Staff members, their family members, or any member of the staff member's household are encouraged to contact the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP provides employees and their families' access to professional licensed counselors on a confidential and cost-free basis.

Confidential professional counseling is provided through ComPsych at no personal cost for staff and their families who are coping with a personal or family crisis.

Call (800) 859-9319 to make an appointment
Visit www.guidanceresources.com for more information.

To register online, please use the Company ID slueap and create your own user name and password.

What is the Employee Assistance Program?

The Saint Louis University Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a feature of the employee health package.

The EAP provides access to professional counseling on a CONFIDENTIAL basis. In addition, EAP services include training for supervisors on how to refer employees, if the need should arise.

What Types of Problems Can the EAP Address?

EAP services can be helpful for many types of personal and interpersonal problems such as: marital/family conflicts, emotional concerns, alcoholism/drug dependency, post-traumatic stress, eldercare issues, financial difficulties, and legal dilemmas.

How Does the EAP Work?

  • Self Referrals - when an employee or household member contacts the EAP directly.
  • Supervisory Referrals - when a supervisor trained by EAP suggests an employee seek counseling. In this type of referral, supervisors are told whether or not the EAP appointment is kept and may be advised about how to best work with the employee being counseled.

What About Confidentiality?

The Saint Louis University Employee Assistance Program adheres to the highest standards regarding confidentiality. No details concerning participation in the program can be discussed without your consent.

How Long are Sessions and How Many Will There Be?

Sessions usually last 45-50 minutes. The number of sessions depends upon the time needed to assess problems completely, address the problem and/or make an informed referral to an outside agency or professional, if needed. Sessions are available at varied times of the day, evening, and/or weekends.

How much Does Counseling Cost?

EAP assessment, referral and counseling services are provided at no cost to the employee. If you are referred to an outside agency or professional, you may be responsible for costs involved.

Where Are the Counseling Offices?

There are several office locations, convenient to work or home.

How Are Appointments Made?

The EAP program will provide unlimited toll-free telephonic access available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, just by calling 800-859-9319. The EAP toll-free line is answered by counseling professionals who can assist you with a personal dilemma and can guide you to in-person care with an expert in your area.