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Fee Information

General Full-Time Student Fees: $312.50 per semester

Wellness Fee ($90)

Funds the Simon Recreation Center and programs provided by the Student Health and Counseling Center.

Technology Fee ($100)

Funds the University's campus-wide wireless network.

Union Fee ($50)

Supports Busch Student Center.

Student Activity Fee ($55)

Funds student organizations and campus programming. This fee is $30 for graduate students.

Readership Fee ($2.50)

Provides daily copies of The New York Times, St. Louis Post-Dispatch and USA Today on campus.  

Athletic Fee ($15)

Provides the undergraduate student population admission to all Billiken athletic events, including 1,000 seats in the student section of Chaifetz Arena for men's basketball games.


Additional Fees

Orientation and Fall Welcome Fee ($200)

Covers the cost of student development programs aimed at the retention of students. The fee is charged to new freshman and transfer students during their first semester at SLU.

International Orientation Fee ($150)

This is a mandatory program fee which helps to subsidize the cost of international student orientation. Workshops, transportation from the airport, shuttle transportation to local shopping, several social activities as well as meals will be provided. The fee is charged to all new international students.

Commuter Meal Plan ($300)

All full-time undergraduate students are required to have a meal plan, including commuter students. The plan gives $300 in flex dollars and is assessed per semester.

Graduation Fee

This fee is assessed to all graduating students, regardless of participation in commencement activities. The amount of the fee varies based on degree program.

  • Baccalaureate and master’s students: $75
  • Juris and medical doctoral students: $100
  • Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Education students: $75
Business School Software Fee ($20)

The Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business provides its students access to several specialized software tools that allow them to develop real-world skills and to be competitive in the job market and their professions. The fee is assessed per semester to all business students. 

Doisy Technology Fee ($30)
Covers the costs of implementing ExamSoft throughout the Doisy College of Health Sciences. ExamSoft provides software and analytics for electronic testing. This software will allow for online testing throughout all departments and levels within the college with better ability to vary test questions, analyze results automatically and allow for off-site testing. The fee is assessed per semester to all students in the Doisy College of Health Sciences. 

Parks Technology Fee ($310)
Provides funding for software and developmental tools used by aviation and engineering students at Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology. The fee is assessed per semester to all engineering and aviation students.

Flight Fees ($7,210 flat rate per course)
This fee, applicable only to those studying aviation at Parks College of Engineering, Aviation and Technology, covers the cost of providing a hands-on flight experience.

Nursing School Fee ($30 per credit hour)
 This fee covers the costs associated with studying nursing.

Rates subject to change.